Micro Tensile Machine

Schematic view of the MTM mounted at the goniometer of the MS beamline

The Micro Tensile Machine is a versatile device, which allow performing tensile and compression experiments on mm to cm sized specimens. Various load cells and grips are available to match the sample shapes. The machine was originally designed for use at the Materials Science beamline of the SLS.
The steering software was developed in-house using LabVIEW. Apart from conventional displacement controlled tension or compression tests other, more complex tests can be triggered interactively, such as strain rate jump tests, repeated stress relaxation, stress reduction tests, creep, etc.

Details on this device can be found in:
Following peak profiles during elastic and plastic deformation: A synchrotron-based technique
H. Van Swygenhoven, B. Schmitt, P. M. Derlet, S. Van Petegem, A. Cervellino, Z. Budrovic, S. Brandstetter, A. Bollhalder, and M. Schild
Review of Scientific Instruments 77, 013902 (2006)
DOI: 10.1063/1.2162453

Technical details

  Maximum displacement 40mm
  Minimum step size 16nm
  Maximum speed 0.16mm/s
  Maximum force 1000N
  Load cells +-1N, +-10N, +- 220N, +-1200N
Strain measurement    
  Method Optical camera
  Resolution <100nm
Other specifications    
  Deformation modes Tension, compression
  Control modes Displacement, force, stress
  Temperature RT
  Size (L x W x H) 400mm x 100mm x 200mm
  Weight 5kg
  Compatible SLS beam lines Materials Science, cSAXS