Controls and Science IT for SLS 2.0

In the pursuit of world class innovation and science, research at PSI has invariably become underpinned by computing and IT capabilities. The control system and the IT environment of large science facilities is a central and vital part to ensure flawless operation and scientific success. Recognising the importance and role of the area for the SLS 2.0 upgrade, PSI have established Controls and Science IT (CaSIT) as one of the four subprojects for the SLS 2.0 project.

Our goal for the subproject will be to exploit new technical advances, challenge and revisit existing approaches, refine concepts where needed, to facilitate improved development cycles and software quality as well as a strengthened exchange between accelerator and beamlines.

With a potential for data to be produced at over 40 GB/s and eventually totalling over 30 PB/year, one of the key challenges for CaSIT will be meeting the demands to accurately control beamlines along with capturing, reducing and analysing beamline data. The multidisciplinary CaSIT group aim to exploit the best innovative technologies from academia, industry and peers while ensuring a long term legacy for simplified support and compatibility. These activities vary from advances in low level electronics and motion controls to ensuring the best environment for beamline experiment control and exploiting new technology advances in artificial intelligence and machine learning. The requirement for long term data preservation and publication through open research data initiatives is also considered as a core activity.