PX Calls Status


PX beamlines Call schedule
Experimental Period 2022-II 2023-I
Call 2022/03/08 2022/09/08
Submission deadline 2022/04/15 2022/10/15
Start period 2022/07/01 2023/01/01
End period, Normal/Test/Pilot 2022/12/31 2023/09/30
End period, Long term 2023/09/30 2023/09/30
EVALUATION closed closed

The beamlines are fully operational

Detailed information on the beamlines can be found:

A single application can be submitted for beamtime at both X06SA-PXI and X06DA-PXIII beamlines. Please indicate in the comment field in the proposal section “experiment requirements” what part of the experiment can be carried out at each beamlines. Please note that it does not guarantee you to receive beamtime at both beamlines. Your proposal will undergo the regular evaluation procedure. In case of questions related to the experiments at the MX beamlines, please contact one of the beamline scientists: Contacts

For the proposal evaluation by the Proposal Review Committee, DUO Experimental Reports on previous experiments represent a very important input. A missing experimental report may seriously affect the chances of acceptance. Proposers are asked to supply a separate experimental report for each experiment performed. Click here to enter the DUO submission site for experimental reports. Proposal submission: Click here to enter the DUO submission site for proposals. Help on proposals and experimental reports: Click here for help on experimental reports and proposals.

Support for travel and accommodation costs: Unfortunately the budget provided by CALIPSOplus is used up and we will not be able to provide travel and accommodation support. 

In case of questions, please contact the Users' Office at useroffice@psi.ch