Journal Papers 2012

A Method to Study Agglomerate Breakup and Bounce During Impaction
M. Ihalainen, T.M. Lind, T. Torvela, K.E.J. Lehtinen, J.K. Jokiniemi
Aerosol Science and Technology 46, 990

Simulation of air oxidation during a reactor accident sequence: Part 2 - Analysis of PARAMETER-SF4 air ingress experiment using RELAP5/SCDAPSIM
L. Fernández-Moguel, J.C. Birchley
Annals of Nuclear Energy 40, 141

Simulation of air oxidation during a reactor accident sequence: Part 1 - Phenomenology and model development
J.C. Birchley, L. Fernandez-Moguel
Annals of Nuclear Energy 40, 163

Break-Up of Aerosol Agglomerates in Highly Turbulent Gas Flow
Y. Ammar, A. Dehbi, M.W. Reeks
Flow Turbulence and Combustion 89, 465

Severe accident research in the core degradation area: An example of effective international cooperation between the European Union (EU) and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) by the International Science and Technology Center
D. Bottomley, J. Stuckert, P. Hofmann, L. Tocheny, M. Hugon, C. Journeau, B. Clement, S. Weber, S. Güntay, Z. Hozer, L.E. Herranz, A. Schumm, F. Oriolo, E. Altstadt, M. Krause, M. Fischer, V.B. Khabensky, S.V. Bechta, M.S. Veshchunov, A.V. Palagin, A.E. Kiselev, V.I. Nalivaev, A.V. Goryachev, V. Zhdanov, V. Baklanov
Nuclear Engineering and Design 252, 226

LWR severe accident simulation: Iodine behaviour in FPT2 experiment and advances on containment iodine chemistry
N. Girault, L. Bosland, S. Dickinson, F. Funke, S. Güntay, L.E. Herranz, D. Powers
Nuclear Engineering and Design 243, 371