SACRE PhD Theses

Name Thesis title Director Supervisor(s) Year
Ramos Pérez Àlvaro Simultaneous measurement of aerosol mass transfer and hydrodynamics in gas-liquid two-phase flow systems A. Manera T. Lind 2022
Name Thesis title Director Supervisor(s) Year
Papadopoulos, Petros Experimental Evaluation of Gas Retention in Two-Phase Flows relevant to Pool Scrubbing in FCVS H.-M. Prasser T. Lind 2021
Park, Sanggil Nitriding and Re-oxidation Behavior of Zircaloy-4 at High Temperatures H.-M. Prasser T. Lind 2020
Janasz, Filip Effect of non-Condensable gases on Reflux condensation in nuclear steam generator tubes H.-M. Prasser H.-M. Prasser 2019
Betschart, Torsten Two-Phase Flow Investigations in Large Diameter Channels and Tube Bundles H.-M. Prasser D. Suckow 2015
Badreddine, Hassan Finite Size Lagrangian Particle Tracking Approach for Dispersed Bubbly Flows Simulations H.-M. Prasser B. Niceno 2015
Ihalainen, Mika Fragmentation and Bounce of Nanosize Agglomerates by Inertial Impaction W. Koch,K. Hämeri, M. Marjamäki J. Jokiniemi, T. Lind, K. Lehtinen 2014
Kalilainen, Jarmo Fission product transport in the primary circuit and in the containment in severe nuclear accidents F. Tuomisto T. Lind 2014
Lopez del Pra, Claudia A Theoretical Investigation of Aerosol Retention within the Secondary Side of a Steam Generator under a SGTR Severe Accident Sequence in a PWR Nuclear Power Plant>   L. Herranz, J. Muñoz-Cobo 2012
Ammar, Yasmine Turbulent Agglomeration and Break-up of Nuclear Aerosols     2008
Kubasch, Jens-Holger Bubble hydrodynamics in large pools A. Alonso G. Yadigaroglu, S. Güntay 2001