About LSX

Advanced X-ray sources such as Synchrotron and X-ray free electron lasers provide beams of unprecedented quality in terms of brilliance, peak intensity and pulse length. This exceptional beam quality becomes indispensable for developments in many fields of science and technology, which enable an even deeper and more detailed insight into the most complex nano-structured materials, condensed matter and quantum materials.

The research of the Laboratory for Advanced Spectroscopy and X-ray Sources (LSX) focusses on electronic properties and ultra-fast dynamics in condensed matter and quantum materials science using advanced X-ray sources at synchrotron and XFEL. We develop and apply advanced spectroscopies ranging from ultra-high resolution Angle Resolved Photoelectron Spectroscopy including spin detection and Resonant Inelastic X-ray Scattering with momentum and time resolution. For this purpose, we develop world-leading instrumentation and operate a portfolio of different beamlines and endstations at the Swiss Light Source and SwissFELIn addition, we develop large scale facilities for sample growth using PLD, MBE technology and in-situ tranfer. 

The Laboratory is also responsible for the research, design and the realisation of novel schemes for Insertion Devices for large photon science projects such as the SLS upgrade (SLS 2.0) and future beamlines at SwissFEL as for example the Porthos beamline.