SwissFEL Furka

The SwissFEL Furka Experimental Station

The Furka experimental endstation, located at the soft x-ray Athos beamline of the SwissFEL, is dedicated to the study of quantum materials using time-resolved Resonant Inelastic and Elastic X-ray Scattering (tr-RIXS and tr-REXS) as well as X-Ray Absorption (tr-XAS) spectroscopy. In particular, tr-RIXS opens new scientific opportunities thanks to its unique capability to probe energy and momentum-resolved dynamics of elementary excitations involving different degrees of freedom in solids.

The endstation is  now open for user proposals, next  submission deadline will be announced at  the link:

The presentation of the current status of the endstation and summary of parameters given in the zoom session of   the 6th September 2023 is avaialble for download at the link:




FEL parameters

Athos parameters at Furka
Photon energy range: 400 - 1900 eV
Pulse energy (SASE): 4 mJ @710 eV
Monochromator energy resolution:  currently 200 meV for the full photon energy range  (design resolving power E/DE up to 15 000)
Pulse duration: 30 fs rms
Repetition Rate: 100 Hz


Sample environment
UHV 4-circle diffractometer 
Theta range: -95 to 95 deg
Azimuth range: -45 to 45 deg
Tilt range: -15 to +15 deg
2Theta range: 0 to 180 deg
Temperature at the sample: 25 K to room temperature


Pump laser parameters

Furka pump laser 
NIR/Visible: 800, 400 & 266 nm with up to 100 mJ/cm2
OPA: 1.2 to 2.5 um with up to 300 uJ per pulse
Thz: generation with various organic crystals available, e.g, peak field with OH1 about 200 KV/cm 


RIXS parameters

Furka RIXS spectrometer
combined resolving power :  currently 200 meV for the full photon energy range  (design resolving power E/DE up to 15 000)
2D Cmos  detector
2theta range: 140 to 50 deg