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SLS Optics Beamline

Beamline X05DA

The mission of the Optics Test Beamline at the bending magnet X05DA is optics and instrumentation related R & D, in-house research and training. The main performance parameters of the Si(111) cannel-cut monochromator with toroidal focusing mirror are summarized in the table on the Optics Beamline Homepage.

For further information, please go to Optics Beamline Homepage
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SwissFEL ARAMIS Beamline

The SwissFEL Aramis hard X-ray (1.77 – 12.4 KeV) beamline consists of three beamlines delivering the FEL radiation into separate experimental hutches. The initial phase of operation will cover the first two experimental hutches. The Experimental station Alvra (ESA) is focussed on ultrafast photochemistry and photobiology, while the Experimental station Bernina (ESB) on ultra-fast dynamics of condensed matter physics.

The beamlines include several different diagnostics elements to report for every pulse the X-ray spectrum, energy, and beam position. For pump-probe studies, a specialized timing diagnostic tool provides shot-to-shot information on the relative time-delay between the optical laser excitation pulse and the probe X-ray pulse with an accuracy of <10 fs.

For further information, please go to Swiss FEL Homepage

Download: SwissFEL CDR ARAMIS Beamline,
SwissFEL Experimental Station A CDR
SwissFEL Experimental Station B CDR,
SwissFEL Experimental Station B-MX CDR