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The biaxial load frame at POLDI allows for multiaxial deformation experiments (in-situ Figure 1, ex-situ Figure 2), but also uniaxial tension and torsion. In the vertical direction, a maximum force of 100 kN (tension or compression) is available, in the horizontal direction up to 50 kN. The maximum torsion of the vertical axis is 200 Nm, the horizontal axis can not be used for torsion experiments.

Different sample geometries are possible:

Cross-shaped samples

For biaxial experiments, a cross shaped sample geometry is required (Figure 3), for which special grips are available (Figure 4). Width and height of the samples are 224 mm, technical drawings of different thicknesses can be downloaded here (2.5 mm) and here (3.0 mm).

Round samples (uniaxial)

Round samples of different diameters are possible. The can be attached to screw threads of M8, M10, M12 and M14 (Figures 5 and 6).

Flat samples (uniaxial)

For uniaxial experiments it is also possible to use flat samples. For large samples the holders for cross-shaped samples may be used while for smaller, thinner samples holding clamps are available (Figure 7).

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Usage information

If you would like to perform experiments using this machine, please contact the instrument responsible beforehand.