Journal Papers 2011

Towards possible opportunities in nuclear materials science and technology at an X-ray free electron laser research facility
A. Froideval, A. Badillo, J. Bertsch, S. Churakov, R. Dahn, C. Degueldre, T.M. Lind, D. Paladino, B.D. Patterson
Journal of Nuclear Materials 416, 242

The PSIodine Code: A computer program to model experimental data on iodine and other species in irradiated CsI solutions sparged with argon, air, or nitrous oxide
R.C. Cripps, S. Güntay, B.S. Jäckel
Nuclear Engineering and Design 241, 4306

Sustainable integration of EU research in severe accident phenomenology and management
J.P. Van Dorsselaere, T. Albiol, B. Chaumont, T.J. Haste, C. Journeau, L. Meyer, B.R. Sehgal, B. Schwinges, D. Beraha, A. Annunziato, R. Zeyen
Nuclear Engineering and Design 241, 3451

On the radiolysis of iodide, nitrate and nitrite ions in aqueous solution: An experimental and modelling study
R.C. Cripps, B.S. Jäckel, S. Güntay
Nuclear Engineering and Design 241, 3333

Experimental and calculation results of the integral reflood test QUENCH-15 with ZIRLO (TM) cladding tubes in comparison with results of previous QUENCH tests
J. Stuckert, J.C. Birchley, M. Große, B.S. Jäckel, M. Steinbrück
Nuclear Engineering and Design 241, 3224

CFD simulation of particle deposition on an array of spheres using an Euler/Lagrange approach
A. Dehbi, S. Martin
Nuclear Engineering and Design 241, 3121

Aerosol retention in the flooded steam generator bundle during SGTR
T.M. Lind, A. Dehbi, S. Güntay
Nuclear Engineering and Design 241, 357

Analyses of the Phebus FPT3 Experiment using the Severe Accident Codes ATHLET-CD, ICARE/CATHARE and MELCOR
G. Repetto, O. De Luze, T. Drath, M.K. Koch, T. Hollands, K. Trambauer, C. Bals, H. Austregesilo, J.C. Birchley
Nuclear Technology 176, 352

The Once-through Mode of Steam Generator Refulx Condensation in Loss-of-Coolant Accident Scenarios
Y. Liao, S. Güntay, D.J. Suckow
Nuclear Technology 175, 510

Validation of the Langevin particle dispersion model against experiments on turbulent mixing in a T-junction
A. Dehbi, F. de Crécy
Powder Technology 206, 312

DNS of buoyancy-driven flows and Lagrangian particle tracking in a square cavity at high Rayleigh numbers
R. Puragliesi, A. Dehbi, E. Leriche, A. Soldati, M.O. Deville
International Journal of Heat and Fluid Flow 32, 915

Prediction of extrathoracic aerosol deposition using RANS-Random Walk and LES approaches
A. Dehbi
Aerosol Science and Technology 45, 555