Characterization of defects by advanced X-ray diffraction techniques to evaluate deformation stages in micro-crystals

This project aims at gaining a detailed understanding of the mechanics of small scale objects by the implementation of a combination of various in and ex situ cutting-edge X-ray diffraction techniques:
1) In-situ Coherent X-ray Diffraction that enables to detect lattice defects in small scale crystals during mechanical solicitation.
2) In-situ micro-Laue diffraction that allows for studying the nature and sequence of activated dislocation slip systems during plastic deformation of small objects.
3) Post-mortem Bragg Ptychography that provides a 3D image of the displacement field caused by lattice defects left in the deformed objects.
4) Ptychographic Topography, a novel technique developed at PSI to image strain fields both in confined and extended objects.

Steven Van Petegem, Paul Scherrer Institut, Switzerland
Ludovic Thilly, Université de Poitiers, France
Vincent Jacques, Université Paris-Sud, France

Swiss National Science Foundation
L’Angence National de la Recherce