Meso biaxial tensile machine

The meso biaxial tensile machine allows one to apply in-plane biaxial stress states with arbitrary stress ratios and to perform strain path changes on thin-sheet metals. The device is optimized for in situ usage at synchrotron beam lines. Both dogbone and cruciform shaped samples can be mounted. The machine is controlled by an in-house written LabVIEW steering program.

Technical details

  Maximum displacement 8mm
  Minimum step size 10nm
  Maximum speed 1mm/s
  Maximum force 1000N
Strain measurement    
  Method Digital image correlation (DIC)
  Resolution 0.02%
Other specifications    
  Deformation modes Multiaxial tension
  Control modes Displacement, force
  Temperature RT
  Size (L x W x H) 426mm × 266mm × 459mm
  Weight 28kg
  Compatible SLS beam lines Materials Science