Electronics for Measuring Systems

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The Electronics for Measuring Systems Group is part of the Particle Physics Laboratory (LTP). As an engineering team we develop, build and maintain electronic systems for experimental infrastructures and set-ups. We are mainly developing Detector- and Sensor-Readout units and Data-Acquisition-Systems to allow for measurement and counting of particle-matter interaction signals caused by charged and neutral particles as well as photons. Commonly our developments cover the whole real-time signal processing chain starting with the amplification and conditioning of the usually very tiny analog signals delivered by the detector and sensor units, the conversion of this signals into digital data units and finally the transmission of the data entities to computers and storage systems. The stored datasets have to provide all the experimental parameters needed by scientists to evaluate the experiments "off line". Furthermore control of and synchronization to peripheral systems are often required by experimental instrumentation set-ups. 

Many of our projects are accomplished in close cooperation with other groups in our Lab (e.g. the Detector Group) with other Labs in our Division and throughout PSI. 

As an engineering and service provider the Electronics for Measuring Systems Group is offering services and support in four different domains: 

Accordingly we are organized in four closely collaborating teams. Follow the links to find out more about the teams.