60Fe – a key nuclide for fundamental understanding of star evolution and the development of the Early Solar System

The only two neutron capture cross sections of 60Fe measured so far; red triangle: thermal energy (25.3 meV), black dot: stellar energy (25 keV). Both data points were obtained using sample material from PSI. Figure taken from [8].
After an extended analytical work [1], around 1016 atoms of 60Fe have been separated from a copper beam dump of the PSI proton accelerator complex. This material served up to now to produce samples for four half-life determinations [2-7] and two neutron capture cross section experiments (thermal energy and 25 keV, [8,9]). It has to be emphasized that during the past 20 years, all experiments world-wide requiring 60Fe samples relied on material produced and manufactured at PSI.

A unique set of characterized standard material for Accelerator Mass Spectrometry (AMS) [10] has been prepared and will be made available for research groups all over the world.
60Fe standard material as oxide powder.
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