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Seminar Programme

Two different seminar programs are listed below: LRC Seminar, which is organized in the frame of the Laboratory of Radiochemistry, and NES Seminar, which is organized in collaboration with the Nuclear Energy and Safety Research Division.

The listed seminars  have been organized by Dutheil Paul and Zivadinovic Ivan with the supervision of Steinegger Patrick

LRC Seminar Program 2024

19 February, ODRA-11

13:00–14:00 Guest Speaker – Prof. Dr. Xiaolin Hou (Chinese Academy of Sciences, Xi’an, CN) 
 "Analysis of ultra-low level anthropogenic radionuclides for tracing environmental processes" 

14:00-14:15 Break 

14:15–15:15 Guest Speaker – Dr. Maya Jäggi (PSI, Villigen PSI, CH) 
"Decommissioning at PSI – Radioanalytics Laboratory"

15:15–16:15 Paul Dutheil 
"Flow-electrolytic approach for separation and analysis of radionuclides"

5 April, ODRA-11

14:00–15:00 Guest Speaker – Dr. Andreas Knecht (PSI, Villigen PSI, CH) 
"Muon research at PSI today and in the future"

15:00-15:15 Break 

15:15–16:15 Dr. Ðorde Cvjetinovic 
"Green radiochemistry for sustainable development"

16:15–17:15 Noemi Cerboni 
"Different source preparation techniques for Auger electron spectroscopy"


3 May, ODRA-11

14:00–15:00 Guest Speaker – Prof. Dr. Jonathan W. Engle (University of Wisconsin, Madison, US) 
"Small cyclotron theranostics" 

15:00-15:15 Break 

15:15–16:15 Xiaohan Pan 
"Removal of radionuclides from nuclear wastewater by radiation-induced graft polymeric adsorbents" 

16:15–17:15 Edoardo Renaldin 
"Holmium Radioisotopes for Nuclear Medicine: Recent Progress and Future Steps"


14 June, OSGA/EG06

13:00–14:00 Guest Speaker – Prof. Dr. Anna L. Smith (TU Delft, Delft, NL) 
"Nuclear Materials Research at TU Delf" 

14:00-14:15 Break 

14:15–15:15 Ivan Zivadinovic 
"Release behavior of Po and Te from LBE-cooled reactors"

15:15–16:15 Georg Tiebel 
"Development and commissioning of a buffer gas cell for in vacuo chemistry experiments"