Beamline Status

Resource Status Description
Status optics and monochromator OK The beamline features a double-crystal fixed-exit monochromator for X-rays in the range from 6 to 20 keV. Vertical focussing is achieved by a dynamically bendable mirror. The beam is stabilized with a feedback system.
Status sample and environment OK The focussed beam size on the sample is 50 μm by 10 μm and can be narrowed down with user-selectable round apertures of 30 μm and 10 μm. Liquid nitrogen (100 K) or room temperature measurements possible.
Status endstations and detectors OK Eiger2 16M, Ketek Fluorescence detector. On-axis microspectrophotometry: UV/VIS, resonant and non-resonant Raman, see Spectrolab.
Status sample changer TELL OK CATS sample changer is available for specific cryo pins and vials, please refer to the TELL page.
Status analysis tools OK XDS, MOSFLM, automatic data processing ADP
Status operation OK User operation, see the schedule