HERO PROJECT: Hidden Entangled and Resonating Orders

To further the understanding of quantum properties of materials, four expert scientists have been awarded a 14 million euro ERC Synergy Grant, administered by the European Research Council (ERC) of the European Union.

The team consists of three scientists in Switzerland and one in Sweden: Gabriel Aeppli at PSI, Henrik Rønnow at EPFL, Nicola Spaldin at ETH Zurich and Alexander Balatsky at Nordita, Stockholm University. Their joint research aims to uncover hidden quantum properties in known materials, meaning properties that could not be seen by methods employed up to now.

The scientists also plan to design new materials displaying specific quantum effects. Such effects could be of use for data processing, transmission, and storage in the future and thus become the backbone of future electronics, which need to be faster, smaller and more energy-efficient.

The researchers called their joint research project HERO which stands for Hidden, entangled and resonating orders – all of which are important quantum properties they will look at in order to discover possible materials of the future. To achieve this, the expert scientists will use the several large research facilities at PSI for complementary investigations and exploit the computing power of the Swiss National Supercomputing Centre CSCS of the ETH Zurich in Lugano for data processing and theoretical calculations.

For further information please visit the SynergyHero website.

13 juillet 2022
Romain Ganter tinkers with the finishing touches of the upgrade to Athos

Athos just got even better

An ambitious upgrade at the soft X-ray beamline of the free electron laser SwissFEL opens up new experimental capabilities.

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15 février 2022
Reiche, Aeppli and Gerber

Opening the door to X-ray quantum optics

The 'perfect' X-ray beam-splitter: Researchers at SwissFEL have an ingenious solution to produce coherent copies of pulses, facilitating a realm of new X-ray techniques.

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