PhD & Postdoc Association


The PPA (PhD and Postdoc Association) of PSI was officially formed in the year 2015 by group of friends at PSI. The main intention of this association is to provide a platform for PhD students and postdocs for social and scientific networking across all departments. Specifically, the PPA:

  • FACILITATE socialization while organizing many different types of events
  • SUPPORT the community through difficulties at all stages of the PhD
  • PROMOTE scientific exchange among PhDs and Postdocs of different divisions
  • REPRESENT the interests of PhDs and Postdocs with the PSI administration

We can also provide support to new PhD students and postdocs, with questions related to PSI/PhD enrollment/settling down. We regularly organize events most of which will be held at PSI, however, events outside PSI such as skiing or industrial visit is also possible depending on the organizers.

> On this webpage, you will find information about the organization, events, general information for new comers. 

We announce all our events in an event calendar on the PSI intranet! Additionally, we have an Outlook calendar where all events are published. To open this, please connect to a PSI network or VPN  and go to Outlook -> Add calendar -> From directory -> Search for "Shared phd_assoc" -> Open. 

Additionally we inform you regularly about upcoming events and tours via e-mail. To be added to our mailing list, simply go to our newsletter portal on this link, and subscribe to the mailing list. In case that does not work for you, write to

You are always welcome to contact us at anytime in case of any questions/comments or help. We hope you enjoy browsing through the webpage and we are looking forward to welcoming you to our exciting events in the future.


All our events will be advertised here in the webpage and also in the Facebook page. Our association also has a mailing list with almost all the PhDs and Postdocs of PSI, however there are still some people missing in the list. In case you are one of them or know someone who has not received any mails about the events please inform us at We will add your name as soon as possible. For all the events the organizers need some help, if you are interested feel free to contact us before any events.

Regular lunch meetings

From 2017, normally, every last Tuesday of the month there will be a PPA lunch at 13:00 in OASE. We all meet, paying our own lunch or bringing our own food, we sit together, socialize and eat. This is the best opportunity to meet new people from all over PSI. As the organizers we try our best to be present there every month, however, in an event of beamtime or travel we may not be present. Therefore, we kindly request you all to please come and help yourself!
Please note that the PPA Board Meeting and the PPA Lunch may be subject to change according to rooms and PPA Board members availability.