Shuzhen Chen successfully defended - congratulations

On 7th April 2022 Shuzhen Chen successfully defended her PhD entitled “Multiphase kinetics and chemistry at halide solution-air interfaces" at ETH Zürich. Everybody was happy that this event could be held in hybrid mode with the examination committee and part of the audience in person and others connected online. Shuzhen provided a convincing presentation and performed well in the discussion. Congratulations! The project was using the liquid-jet X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy method at the Swiss Light Source in conjunction with kinetic experiments to study:  the molecular level details of the surface reaction of aqueous bromide with ozone in the absence and presence of organic compounds.

Picture, from left to right: Prof. Olle Björneholm (Uppsala University), the successful candidate, Prof. Markus Ammann (PSI/ETHZ), Prof. Thomas Peter (ETHZ)