Student projects

Our group offers various opportunities to students for practical training, semester projects and postgraduate theses. Student projects are available within our ongoing research in the context of the CMS experiment at CERN. Topics include:

  • Analysis of the data collected with the CMS experiment to search for rare processes with Higgs bosons and heavy quarks
  • Monitoring and evaluating the performance of the CMS pixel detector during operation
  • Testing of pixel detector modules and other components for the next upgrade of the CMS pixel detector
  • Testing, measuring and characterizing electronics and sensor components for new pixel detectors

For more information contact Lea Caminada.

List of previous Master, Bachelor and semester projects:

Noah Roux (Semester thesis, Physics, ETH Zurich, Mai 2022): Generator-level study for signal vs background event discrimination in an Higgs+Charm analysis at the CMS Experiment

Alessandro Erni (Semester thesis, Physics, ETH Zurich, Mai 2022): Temperature Behaviour of RD53A IC Modules

Tamar Som (Semester thesis, Physics, ETH Zurich, April 2022): Temperature Behaviour of Prototype Modules for the Phase-2 Upgrade of the CMS Pixel Detector

Patrick Stalder (Semester thesis, Physics, ETH Zurich, March 2022): Measurement of PLLs in TSI and LFoundry processes

Anastasia Doinaki (Master thesis, Physics, ETH Zurich, March 2022): Performance of heavy-flavour quark identification at the CMS experiment

Nico Härringer (Bachelor thesis, Physics, ETH Zurich, November 2021): Change in device parameters for linear and enclosed layout CMOS transistors with ionizing radiation of doses up to 45 MRad

Serge Müller (Bachelor thesis, Interdisciplinary Sciences, ETH Zurich, October 2021): Measurement of transistor test structures in DMAPS technology

Nicola Gubler (Semester thesis, Physics, ETH Zurich, September 2021): Measurement of charge pulses from a β-source in a DMAPS prototype

Vera Hiu-Sze Wu (Semester project, Physics, University of Zurich, June 2021): Report on the Characterisation of CMS Phase-2 Pixel Detector Prototypes