Solid State Chemistry Group


We are working on the synthesis and characterization of ceramic and single crystal materials with novel electronic and magnetic properties. Numerous complex oxide materials have been successfully crystallized by the Traveling Solvent Floating Zone (TSFZ) method using an optical furnace. This includes cuprates, manganates, orthoferrites, cobaltites, borates and phosphates. Novel chalcogenide iron superconductors have been synthesized as powders and single crystals (Bridgman method). 

The video is from the Visitor Centre psi forum of the Paul Scherrer Institute, where a cartoon avatar of Ekatarina Pomjakushina, group leader of the Solid State Chemistry group, explains about her research to science enthusiasts.


Solid State Chem. Group
Laboratory for Multiscale materials eXperiments
CH-5232 Villigen PSI

Head of Group
Dr. Ekaterina Pomjakushina
+41 56 310 32 07