MIDAS is a data acquisition system developed at PSI and TRIUMF. Documentation about MIDAS may be accessed via https://midas.triumf.ca Data acquisition of Bulk μSR instruments is performed using MIDAS.
SμS Bulk μSR instruments are operated using a graphical user interface called DeltaT.

A User Guide is available in HTML format or PDF format (1.44 Mb)
A manual for the Bulk μSR Electronics and TDC Data Acquisition Setup for Users and Instrument Scientists is available in HTML format or in PDF format (451 kb)
Documentation about the Set-Up and Usage of the Low Energy Muon Facility Instrument

Information for Instrument Scientists may be helpful in case of Problems
https://lmu.web.psi.ch/software/bulkmusr/daq/index.htm [Intranet, restricted access]