Battery Electrodes and Cells

The primary goal is the development of a safe, environmentally benign, and cost effective electrochemical energy storage system with significantly improved specific energy. The research work focuses equally on the scientific background essential for the development of new technologies and on the analysis of ageing and safety relevant aspects of current industrial batteries. The investigated systems include both lithium-ion and post-lithium-ion batteries.

  • Lithium-Sulphur Batteries
  • Metallic Lithium as Negative Electrode
  • Design of Bespoke Carbons
  • Silicon-Carbon Composites
  • NCM Cathode Materials and Interfaces
  • Aqueous Sodium Batteries
Chrysi Tsolakidou 2019   IAESTE intern Operando gas analysis in Na-ion batteries
Kai-Hsuan Hung 2019 CSC, Taiwan Visiting scientist  
Christoph Bolli 2015-2019   Postdoc OEMS applications for positive electroactive materials for Li-ion batteries
André Müller 2019 TU Braunschweig  Master thesis

Investigation of the Influence of Different Binders on the SEI of a Lithium-ion Battery by Means of OEMS

Eibar Flores 2016-2019 PSI/ETH Zurich PhD thesis Development of operando diagnostics for Li-ion cathodes by Raman spectroscopy
Fabian Jeschull 2017-2019   Postdoc Si as capacity enhancing electrode additive; dynamic EIS; Si-graphite composites
Paul Kitz 2017-2019 PSI/ETH Zurich PhD thesis A New Perspective on Interphase Formation in Li-ion Batteries by Combined EIS & EQCM-D
Robin Bühler 2019 ETHZ Semester project Surface Modifications on Si Particles for Lithium-Ion Battery Applications
Victor Landgraf 2018-2019 Imperial College London/ETHZ Master thesis

Inverse Opal Derived Cathodes for Lithium-Sulfur Cells

Lorenz Olbrich 2019 ETHZ Semester project  
Juliette Bilaud 2018   Postdoc Metallic lithium anodes
Yuri Surace 2017-2018   Postdoc High Capacity Carbon-Based Composite Anode Active Materials for Lithium-Ion Battery Electrodes
Flora Scott 2018 University of Manchester & University of British Columbia IAESTE intern Carboxylic acids as buffers in aqueous silicon electrode slurries – electrochemistry and infrared studies
Reto Suter 2018 ETH Zurich Semester project Morphology and Electrochemistry of Graphite Electrodes with Silicon as Capacity Enhancing Additive
Rokas Paulius Petrauskas 2017 Vilnius University

IAESTE intern/

Master thesis

Si–C Composites for High-Energy Li-ion Battery Negative Electrodes
Neal Cardoza 2017 Purdue University ThinkSwiss internship Polysulphide analysis in catholytic Li–S cells
Tiphaine Schott (Poux) 2014-2017   Postdoc Li–S Battery; Mettalic lithium anodes; Silicon–graphite and tin-oxide–graphite composites
Jan Dundálek 2016 University of Chemistry and Technology IAESTE internship Understanding the Role of Carbon Properties for Enhanced Li–S Battery Performance
Joanna Conder 2013-2016 PSI/ETH Zurich PhD thesis Asymmetrically Functionalized Separator for Lithium–Sulfur Battery with Polysulfide Barrier Properties
Hai-Jung Peng 2013-2016 PSI/ETH Zurich PhD thesis Unravelling the Cell Aging Phenomena in Aprotic Lithium-Nickel-Cobalt-Manganese-Oxide batteries
Markus Gehring 2016 RWTH Aachen University Semester project Polysulphide-based Li–S Battery
John Boland 2015 The University of Dublin, Trinity College Dublin Senior Sophister project Finding the Perfect Carbon for Li–S Batteries
Maximilian Tornow 2015 ETH Zurich Semester project Synthesis of Tunable Porous Carbons and Their Application in Batteries
Iván García Torregrosa 2012 Université Paul Sabatier, Toulouse III Internship Investigation of Polymer Electrolytes for Li–S Batteries


For motivated students we can always offer a possibility to perform their Semester and Master project on the one of the topics listed above under Projects. For more information please contact Dr. Sigita Trabesinger.

Publications & Posters

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