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Neutron Source Development Group

The Mission of the Neutron Source Development Group (NSDG) is coordinating the strategic planning of trans-divisional projects related to the advancement of neutron source technology at PSI. The intention is to improve the performance of the PSI facilities and to promote advancements in the field of neutron spallation sources and their utilization. Examples for ongoing activities include the coordination of the MEGAPIE project, improvements of the neutron spallation targets and moderators, PSI’s contributions to ESS, examination of irradiated target materials, SINQ upgrade initiatives, studies of new utilization concepts for spallation sources and collaborations with other institutes that are active in these fields.

The experts that contribute to these activities are situated in different PSI divisions. One of the key objectives for the NSDG is the inter-divisional coordination of such efforts and t*he exploitation of synergies* that can be realized in this way.

The NSDG takes responsibility for a coherent presentation of the PSI activities to the outside public. Participation of PSI in European framework projects and collaborations with other institutes and organizations are coordinated through the NSDG.