The SciCat Data Catalog

We enable scientist (and others) to catalogue their data safely long-term, allowing the data to be annotated and published in agreement with the FAIR principles.
For this, we offer a data catalog service, connected to an archive system and support for the processes, linking your data to the data catalog, like ingesting, annotating, searching, and publishing. There is the capability to expand the PSI Data Curation services to include data catalogue requirements for additional ETH Research Institutes and other customers, provided additional manpower resources are granted.

The following links give you additional information

  • the manual (internal only) describes, among other topics, how to add  ("ingest") your data to the data catalog and how to publish your data
  • access to the data catalog from your browser, i.e. the application to search/archive/retrieve and publish your data
  • landing pages for all the published data
  • the SciCat paper gives a high-level overview of the tool

The data catalog has been in production since 2018 and stores more than 500'000 datasets with a total volume above 25PB of archived data.

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