DMC in the guide hall of SINQ

Sample environment


  • Guide hall, at the cold neutron guide RNR12, supermirrorguide (m=2, height 12 cm, width 2 cm)


  • Pyrolytic Graphite (002), vertically focusing, 5 crystals of 2.5 cm height


  • Any wavelength between 2.3 Å and 5 Å is possible, standard wavelengths are 2.46 Å, 3.8 Å and 4.5 Å


  • Optional secondary collimation (Gd-O Soller collimators)
  • Oscillating Mylar-Gd2O3 radial collimator system between sample and detector

Detector system

  • DMC is equipped with a new high-performance 3He detector with 2D readout, covering 132° in-plane and ±7° (14° in total) out-of-plane.

Instrument software

  • NICOS (SINQ Instrument Control Software) for control of the measurement
  • DMCpy for data reduction and data treatment
  • SEA, TECS (Temperature Control Software) for control of sample environment
  • FIT, FULLPROF, ... for data analysis

Resolution and Q-Range

DMC resolution functions