Former Group Members

Alijagic, Edin Dr.
Scientist, 2011-2015

Chang, Y.-H. Dr.
Researcher, 2001-2006
Currently at USNRC, USA

Filippini, Roberto Dr.
Scientist, 2007-2009
Currently at JRC, ISpra, Italy

Greco, Salvatore Francesco
Ph.D. student, 2016-2020 (Ph.D. 2021)

Karanki, Durga Rao Dr.
Scientist, 2009-2017

Kim, Jonghyun Dr.
Scientist, 2009-2012
Currently at Chosun University, South Korea

Kyriakidis, Miltiadis Dr.
Scientist, 2019-2021.
Researcher, 2016-2019, Future Resilient Systems (FRS), Singapore (in the cluster led by PSI LEA Principal Investigators Hirschberg S, Dang VN, Burgherr P)

Mercurio, Davide
Ph.D., 2006-2009

Mkrtchyan, Lusine Dr.
Postdoc Scientist, 2013-2015

Pandya, Dhruv
Ph.D., 2014-2018

Park, Jinkyun Dr.
Visiting Scientist, 2012-13
Currently Scientist at KAERI, South Korea

Porthin, Markus
Scientist, 2018-2023

Prvakova, Slavka Dr.
Scientist, 2012-2016

Reer, B. Dr.
Scientist, 1997-2006
Currently at ENSI, Switzerland

Whealton, Calvin Dr.
Researcher, 2017-2020

Master Thesis/Internships

Salvatore Francesco Greco, 2014
Internship:  "Human Reliability Analysis for an experimental nuclear physics facility: an applicability evaluation of HEART and SPAR-H. Case study: SPES plant (Legnaro National Lab, INFN, Italy)"

Michael Thomas MacMillan, 2013-2014
Master Thesis: "A Comparison between Dynamic PSA Approaches for integrated treatment of uncertainties"

Park Sanggil, 2012-13
Master Thesis: "Station Blackout Scenario for a Boiling Water Reactor - An Analysis of Important Sequences"

Pandya Dhruv, 2011-12
Master Thesis: "Capturing Parameter Uncertainty in Bayesian Belief Network: Application to Human Reliability Analysis"

Stempfel Yann, 2010-11
Master Thesis: "Factor correlation and interaction in Human reliability - An assessment of the potential predictive performance of Bayesian Network Models"