Marco Ranocchiari

Nouveaux catalyseurs pour les firmes pharmaceutiques

Innovation santé Médecine Collaboration avec l’industrie

Des chercheurs du PSI développent en commun avec Roche de nouveaux catalyseurs potentiellement plus efficaces pour la fabrication de principes actifs pour la médecine.

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Watch them growing: New mechanistic insights into catalytic methane coupling

Methane valorization is a promising technology to utilize this platform compound to produce aromatics and hydrocarbons. Researchers from PSI and ETH Zürich unveiled this reaction mechanism and observed the molecular growth from the ground up. Besides stepwise CH3 addition,  novel routes involving the dimerization of resonantly stabilized propargyl (C3H3) radicals to benzene (C6H6) were identified. These mechanistic insights will aid the development of valorisation strategies.

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New group member Dr. Anna Liutkova

We warmly welcome Anna Liutkova. 

Anna is a PostDoc working for the Syncat group for the next 24 months. She is going to work on the tandem CO2 capture and catalytic conversion to methanol with metal-organic framework materials (MOFs).


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