Dynamic Radiography

Boiling coffee with a mokka. A movie made with neutron images that shows the coffe making process. The movie was made by A. Kaestner at the cold neutron imaging beam line ICON. The movie is four times faster than in real time.

Dynamic Radiography of Running Engine

Dynamic neutron radiography measurement of a two-stroke engine running fired at 8'000 rpm. The frames show different crankshaft position of a fully recorded rotation. The exposure time of a single raw image was 50 µs providing an angular resolution of the crankshaft position of about 3 degrees. Each frame is composed of 1000 single raw images.

Neutron Tomography of Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF).

Neutron imaging allows the successful investigation of the soot and ash distributions in DPFs. Soot can be detected due to the high sensitivity of neutron for the element hydrogen.

Dynamic Neutron Radiography of a car damper system.

In a collaboration with the Paul Scherrer Institut experts from the company quattro GmbH (Neckarsulm, Germany) were investigatig the fluid dynamics of car shock absorber systems using neutron imaging. The aim of this project was the comparison of digital simulation results with experimental dynamic vehicle-behaviour.

Neutron tomography of golden bust of M Aurel, Museum Avenches.

This movie shows an overview and cuts through the golden bust taken by neutron tomography at SINQ/NEUTRA.

Combined X-ray and neutron-tomography study of ancient sword.

A late medieval sword, found in the lake of Zug near Oberwil, has been non-destructively analyzed by X-ray- and neutron-tomography at PSI NEUTRA.

High resolution neutron tomography of diesel injection nozzle.

The tip of a truck motor diesel injection nozzle has been investigated by high resolution neutron tomography at PSI ICON.