Physical Electrochemistry and Electrocatalysis

  • Lecture 9-11
  • Exercises 11-12
  • Room HCI F 8
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No. Date Subject Instructor Script Exercises
01 18.02.20 Introduction to electrochemistry T.J. Schmidt L01-02

E00 S00

02 25.02.20 Interfaces, double layers, and potentials T.J. Schmidt -

E01_A  S01_A

E01_B S01_B

03 03.03.20 Transition state theory, Butler-Volmer equation T.J. Schmidt L03-04

E02_A S02_A

E02_B S02_B

04 10.03.20 Tafel slope, Multistep electrode reactions T.J. Schmidt  

E03_A S03_A

E03_B S03_B

05 17.03.20 Details on Multistep electrode reactions T.J. Schmidt L05-06





06 24.03.20 OER, ClER, HER V. Saveleva  

E05_A S05_A

E05_B S05_B

 07 31.03.20 Adsorption, CO oxidation T.J. Schmidt L07

E06_A S06_A

E06_B S06_B

08 07.04.20 Mass transport T.J. Schmidt L08

E07_A S07_A

E07_B S07_B

09 21.04.20 Quantum electrochemistry V. Saveleva L09-L10



E08_B S08_B

10 28.04.20 Marcus Theory V. Saveleva  

E09_A S09_A

E09_B S09_B

11 05.05.20 CV, RDE, RRDE V. Saveleva L11

E10_A S10_A

E10_B S10_B

12 12.05.20 Impedance V. Saveleva L12

E11_A S11_A

E11_B S11_B

13 19.05.20 Electrocatalysis and Volcano plot T.J. Schmidt L13

E12_A S12_A

E12_B S12_B

14 26.05.20 Wrap up, Electrochemistry slam V. Saveleva - -