Proprietary Access

SLS Techno Trans AG offers proprietary access to beamlines and customizable services for proprietary research for a fee. Projects of this type and its results are confidential and available solely to the customer.

Services will be provided either by our spin-off companies (EXPOSE for the PX beamline and EXCELSUS SOLUTIONS for the Materials Science beamline) or by the corresponding beamline personnel. This support includes the calibration/optimization of instrumentation at the beamline followed by running the experiments or supporting the customer as (s)he performs the experiments. In addition to the technical services, the mentioned personnel could also be available for performing data analysis.

Different charging schemes have been developed in order to meet the individual needs of our customers. Based on the sample properties, the complexity of the experiment, and/or the need for additional services, we will provide a offer consisting of the complete service package and fees.