More safety regulations

The most important regulations can be found in the table below:
Safety instruction for Name of PSI regulation Procedures - pdf version
» SGU directive «
» SGU-Weisung «
AW-01-07-02e, Safety, Health Protection and Environmental Protection at PSI
AW-01-07-02, Sicherheit, Gesundheitsschutz und Umweltschutz am PSI ("SGU-Weisung")
AW-01-07-02, English
AW-01-07-02, German
Safety analysis procedure for experiments
Sicherheitsanalyse von Experimenten
AW-96-09-03e, Safety analysis procedure for experiments at the large research facilities at PSI
AW-96-09-03, Vorgehen für die Sicherheitsanalyse von Experimenten an den Grossforschungsanlagen am PSI
AW-96-09-03, English
AW-96-09-03, German
Fire & Emergency
Feuer & Notfall
AW-NFO-98-01e, PSI Emergency Organization (NFO) – Summary
AW-NFO-98-01 Notfallorganisation (NFO) des PSI
AW-NFO-98-01, English
AW-NFO-98-01, German
Radiation Protection
AW-96-18-01e - English version in progress. The former English version is only for information purposes
(AW-23-96-13e, General Instructions for Radiation Protection at PSI)
AW-96-18-01, Allgemeine Weisung für den Strahlenschutz am PSI
AW-23-96-13, English
AW-96-18-01, German
Electromagnetic fields and non-coherent optical radiation
Elektomagnetische Felder und nicht kohärenter optischer Strahlung
AW-96-99-10e, Regulations for safety in activities involving electromagnetic fields and non-coherent optical radiation (NIS) at PSI
AW-96-99-10, Regelungen zum sicheren Umgang mit elektromagnetischen Feldern und nicht kohärenter optischer Strahlunq (NIS) am PSI
AW-96-99-10, English
AW-96-99-10, German
Chemistry Safety
AW-96-08-09e, Activities involving chemicals at PSI
AW-96-08-09, Umgang mit Chemikalien am PSI
AW-96-08-09, English
AW-96-08-09, German
Biology Safety
Biologische Sicherheit
AW-96-14-02e, Safety concept for activities involving pathogenic and genetically modified organisms at the Paul Scherrer Institute
AW-96-14-02, Sicherheitskonzept für den Umgang mit pathogenen und genetisch veränderten Organismen am PSI
AW-96-14-02e, English
AW-96-14-02, German
Lasers Protection
AW-96-08-20e, General directive for Activities involving lasers at PSI
AW-96-08-20, Allgemeine Weisung für den Umgang mit Laser am PSI
AW-96-08-20, English
AW-96-08-20, German
Electrical Safety
elektrische Sicherheit
AW-93-05-02, Safety, Safety in relation to electrical facilities and equipment at PSI
AW-93-05-02, Sicherheit beim Umgang mit elektrischen Anlagen und Geräten am PSI
AW-93-05-02, English
AW-93-05-02, German
Nanomaterials Safety
AW-96-09-04e, General directive for Activities involving Nanomaterials at PSI
AW-96-09-04, Umgang mit Nanomaterialien am PSI
AW-96-09-04, English
AW-96-09-04, German
Gas and Cryo Safety
Sicherheit beim Umgang mit Gasen und Kühlmitteln
AW-96-09-08e - English version in process
AW-96-09-08, Umgang mit Druckgasflaschen
AW in process
AW-96-09-08, German
PSYS Instructions
PSYS Betriebsvorschrift
AW-96-07-04e, PSA Operating Instructions for Users
AW-96-07-04, PSA-Betriebsvorschrift für Benutzer
AW-96-07-04e, English
AW-96-07-04, German