SwissFEL Test Facilities

The SwissFEL project implies the use of sophisticated technologies and acceleration techniques. To explore those topics PSI initiated three test facilities as platform for developing and testing experimentally the performance of the accelerator components, the results predicted by the simulation codes and test the different optimization procedures necessary to operate later the SwissFEL accelerator.

The first facility was in operation from 2003 to fall 2010. It was called LEG (Low Emittance Gun) and was dedicated to the study of alternative configurations of the electron source and emission process. The main goal was to achieve higher electron beam brightness as the present state of the art RF Photo-injectors in the main time the facility allows basic studies and optimization of the beam characterization techniques.

The second facility was in operation since August 2010 and closed down in October 2014. It consisted of a 250 MeV injector accelerator driven by an S-band RF photo-injector. This machine allowed a detailed verification and optimization of the SwissFEL injector concept with the relative instrumentation. The entire machine is currently being reused as injector for the SwissFEL accelerator complex.

The third facility is the C-band test stand and is in operation since 2013. This facility is used order to test the different components required for the SwissFEL linac modules.