SwissFEL ARAMIS and ATHOS beamlines

SwissFEL will have two beamlines the hard X-ray beamline ARAMIS and the soft X-ray beamline ATHOS.

ARAMIS hard X-ray beamline

  • Hard X-ray FEL, λ=0.1-0.7 nm
  • Linear polarization, variable gap, in-vacuum undulators
  • First users 2017
  • Operation modes: SASE & self seeded

For the ARAMIS beamline 3 experimental stations are planned namely:

  1. Experimental station Alvra
  2. Experimental station Bernina
  3. Experimental Station Cristallina

The X-ray pulses are deflected by special high precision mirrors to the different experimental stations. Every 10 ms an X-ray pulse is generated in the ARAMIS beam line

ATHOS soft X-ray beamline

  • Soft X-ray FEL, λ=0.65-5.0 nm
  • Variable polarization, Apple II undulators
  • First users 2020
  • Operation modes: SASE & self seeded