Nicolas Kurti European Science Price for a SwissFEL Scientist

The Nicholas Kurti European Science Prize, sponsored by Oxford Instruments, is intended to recognise and promote outstanding achievements of young scientists in the field of physical sciences research and to support their career development. In 2011 this prestigious price was awarded to Prof. Dr. Mathias Kläui, head of the SwissFEL Nanoscale Spindynamics Group, for his pioneering work on the interaction between spin currents and confined magnetic spin structures, such as domain walls and he has shown that magnetization can be efficiently manipulated by injecting spin currents.

Professor George Pickett of Lancaster University, chairman of the committee of senior scientists who assessed the nominations, commented: “The committee was very impressed by the work of Mathias Kläui in studies of the transport and magnetic behaviour of materials at the nanoscale. We are very happy to award him this year’s prize and wish him all success in his future career."

Mathias Kläui is Professor at the EPFL Lausanne in the Laboratory of Nanomagnetism and Spin Dynamics. Since 2010 he is also head of the SwissFEL Nanoscale Spindynamics Group, his research focuses on experiments on the future SwissFEL facility. We congratulate Mathias for this prestigious award.

The SwissFEL project management team.