A prestigious FEL award for an outstanding scientist at the Paul Scherrer Institute

At the 32nd International Free Electron Laser Conference in Malmö, Sweden, the Prize Committee decided to award the prestigious 2010 FEL prize to Dr. Sven Reiche for “his outstanding contributions to the advancement of the field of Free-Electron Laser science and technology”.

The FEL simulation code, GENESIS 1.3 developed by Dr. Sven Reiche, is used as design tool world wide, and the anticipated performances of new projects have been very successfully benchmarked with experimental results in the most advanced FEL facilities. He contributed to all major FEL projects, influencing the machine layouts according to user’s expectances, as well as anticipating possible operational modes that in the near future could enlarge the experimental perspectives of the X-ray FELs. Today at the Paul Scherrer Institute, Dr. Reiche plays an essential role in the SwissFEL project, leading the FEL line design and coordinating the accelerator beam dynamic activities. Remarkable as well are his contributions to the SwissFEL science case and to the implementation of new schemes for the experimental lines. We congratulate Sven for the prestigious award as recognition of his outstanding career.

The SwissFEL Project Management Team