CRISP’s mission is to encourage and enable collaborating partners to combine their know-how and complementary expertise in an effective manner, to foster novel ideas and to forge new creative solutions to scientific and societal challenges.

CRISP is a partnership which builds collaborations and creates long-term synergies between research infrastructures on the ESFRI (European Strategy Forum on Research Infrastructure) Roadmap in the field of physics, astronomy and analytical facilities to facilitate their implementation and enhance their efficiency and attractiveness. The common intent is to provide a service of the highest quality; sensitive to the needs of a broad range of user communities within the European Research Area; responsive to diverse and changing demands in a highly dynamic environment; and directed towards ensuring that the large investments made at the national and international levels result in significant progress in science for the benefit of society.

CRISP partners intend to retain the lead in technological progress and scientific challenges by exploiting complementary experience and knowledge. Partners will achieve an improved and accelerated learning curve through the mutual exchange of test and commissioning results. This will lead to the faster and more effective implementation of science and technical solutions.

CRISP is a cooperative project covering a wide variety of scientific goals together with a broad range of experimental methods and techniques. Talents in the fields of accelerators, detectors, instruments, experiments, information technology and data management are brought together. This joining of expertise overcomes fragmented approaches and uncoordinated efforts to generate added value on a European scale. Sharing research and development provides infrastructures with the opportunity to enhance performance and reduce the risks associated with individual action giving Europe the chance to compete at the global level in the fast moving economical world.