Project Organisation

The SwissFEL project has two project leaders, Dr. Hans Braun (Accelerator), and Dr. Rafael Abela (Photonics and Research). They are directing the activities of the subproject leaders (see organigram SwissFEL Organisation), including the construction of the building and the related infrastructure, and of a dedicated support group. A tight integration of the SwissFEL across the entire PSI is effected by the PSK meeting (see organigram PSK), which includes all of the PSI infrastructure and research division heads. In a flexible matrix configuration, expertise of the individual departments flows into the SwissFEL project as short- or long-term "workpackages". The PSI directorate maintains contact with representatives of academia and governmental commissions via a steering committee (see organigram Controlling/Steering), and it also receives regular reports from separate advisory committees for the accelerator and for science applications.