Beamline Status

Resource Status Description
Status optics and monochromator OK The beamline delivers photons from 8 to 45 keV. Bandwidth is 2-3%. Details here
Status sample and environment OK Samples can be measured in the following conditions:
- In air at room temperature
- In air and cooled down to 150 K
- In air and warmed up until 500 K
- Wet at room temperature
- Wet at -10 °C.
- Several in situ chambers can also be mounted. For details see here
Status endstations and detectors OK Several microscopes offer pixel sizes from 0.16 microns to 6.5 microns. Details here
The endstation is equipped for phase contrast imaging using grating interferometry and transport of intensity methods. Details here
Status analysis tools OK Data are preprocessed and reconstructed on site. 3D online visualization is available
Status operation OK Regular user operation