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SLS-Techno Trans AG foundation: February 1997

PSI spin-off companies with strong business relations to the PSI photon, neutron and muon facilities:

expose.png EXPOSE GmbH
Expose provides services on all aspects of protein crystallography to companies and organisations in the pharmaceutical and biotechnological sector. The company organises measurement shifts at the Swiss Light Source (SLS) and carries out the corresponding analyses. Providing support for evaluations completes the range of services.
Contact: Dr. Joachim Diez,

Excelsus offers easy and affordable access to unique Synchrotron-based characterization tools developed at the Paul Scherrer Institute, to enhance the selection, development and manufacturing of high-quality (bio)pharmaceutical products.
Contact: Dr. Fabia Gozzo,

eulitha.png EULITHA AG
EULITHA's Extreme Ultraviolet Interference Lithography (EUV-IL) at the PSI Swiss Light Source (SLS) produces extremely tiny and dense periodic nanostructures with resolutions below 20 nm. This production technology can be used for the mass production e.g. of hard disk drives with a one hundred times higher storage capacity compared with the current state of the art, or photonic nanostructures for LEDs and colour displays or for the manufacture of innovative biosensors. EULITHA AG website:
Contact: Dr. Harun Solak,

dectris.png DECTRIS AG
DECTRIS is the first company worldwide to sell innovative hybrid-pixel X-ray detector systems which operate in single-photon-counting mode. This new technology features a very high dynamic range, a short readout time and an excellent signal-noise ratio. These properties significantly improve measurement quality and throughput. They can be used in various different areas, such at synchrotron light sources, laboratory diffraction systems or industrial and medical applications.
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