Andor CCD Instructions

1 General Instructions for CCD camera

  • Mount CCD camera on Table 6:
    • The CCD cables are labeled and easy to connect to each of the ends (the camera itself on one end and Table 6 on the other).
    • On the cabling panel on the wall inside the bunker, make sure that the cables are connected as shown in Figure 1: cables 1-wagen6 and 2-wagen6 (if camera is on Table 5 those should be 1-wagen5 and 2-wagen5 and so on) should connect to channels 4 and 5 on the box to the right (all other cables should be left as they are).
  • Cabling on external orange rack
    • On left hand side of panel:
      • Chanels 1, 2, and 4 connected as shown on Figure 2
    • On right hand side of panel:
      • Channels 1, 2 and 3 connected as shown on Figure 3
    • Camera trigger cable:
      • The camera trigger cable (lower right side of Figure 4) connected to the 'BUSY' port (left side of Figure 3)
    • BOA detector protection unit:
      • That unit has a two-position switch (on its side, not at its front), to alternate between EMBL and CCD camera. Figure 5 shows what the indicators on that unit should look like when using the EMBL detector. Turn the switch accordingly to get this set up (an orange LED should be on; among other LEDs)
    • If chopper is used:

      • When using a chopper, one needs to connect a chopper trigger cable, already located inside the BOA bunker. The end that connects to the$

      Make sure to connect this end with one of the three yellow cables (Figure 6) that correspond to either of the Tables 4,5 or 6 (depending $

  • Precedure
    Connect to the boa computer
    through a terminal do ssh boa@boa no password needed
    Stop the Sics server:
    monit stop all
    Check the cabbling
    startccd andor:
    start the ccd camera.
    startccd stop:
    stop the ccd camera.
    Restart the Sics Server:
    monit restart all
    Check the triggermode:
    hm triggermode 1 corresponds to timer mode and 7 corresponds to monitor mode
    counter mode monitor or timer:
    basic command to toggle between timer and counting mode (should match the triggermode)
    Set the temperature:
    hm temperature -70
    Start the cooler:
    hm cooler on
    Initialize the camera:
    hm init
  • Checkpoints (if things missbehave)
    • check cables on usb box on camera
      • see Figure 7
    • check software connection between ccd and server
      • ssh ccdwww@ccdwww from boa@boa
      • check no ccdwww process is running by doing ps aux | grep ccdwww
      • if yes, kill it! If no, proceed to next step
      • enter the andor folder and do ccdwww & If everything goes alright, after a few seconds, you'll see the communications messages bet$
      • If the above fails, the USB cable might be faulty. Check it out, remove it, use another port. Retry above step.
    • andor.xml file check that the andor.xml file exists in /home/boa/boa_sics


Figure 1: Cables 1-wagen5 and 2-wagen5 should be connected to ports 2 and 3 respectively to the right (if CCD is mounted on Table 6, then use cables 1-wagen6 and 2-wagen6)


Figure 2: Channels 1,2,and 4 connected


Figure 3: Channels 1,2,and 3 connected


Figure 4: "Trigger signal camera" cable (lower right) connected to 'BUSY' port (upper left)


Figure 5: Turn the BOA Detector Protection switch (located underneath the blue tape in this photo) to the right position. The orange LED should be ON, among other LEDs.


Figure 6: The chopper trigger cable should be plugged into one of the 3 yellow-head cables (numbered 4, 5, and 6) depending on which table the detector is mounted on (4,5, or 6 respectively)


Figure 7: Make sure the two cables labeled 'T' and 'R' are plugged in the right place)

Author: Emmanouela Rantsiou

Created: 2017-07-05 Wed 12:41