Plotting and Viewing Instructions

1 Viewing and Plotting

  • MantidPlot: available on the local client (mpc1683; the computer sitting outside BOA's bunker) and on the boa machine (reached through ssh boa@boa).
    • Launch from terminal using command MantidPlot and load one of the following algorithm from the drop-down menu next to the execute button
      • ViewBoa (especially useful for TOF data)
      • LoadSinq
  • GumTree: available on local client (mpc1683) from the desktop.
    • Once launched, connect from the SICS menu, by just inserting the correct password (lnsSICSlns)
  • ImageJ: launched from client machine (mpc1683) or the boa server through a terminal, by typing imagej
    • The hdf files created with any of the BOA detectors, can be loaded from the menu: Plugins -> Input-Output -> NX reader

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