Publication Policy

Acknowledgement guidelines and instrument references at SINQ


All publications that are produced based on results obtained at SINQ should be registered by the aid of the Digital User Office DUO. Please follow the link 'Register Publications' from the DUO main menu. It is expected that PSI staff members acting as local contacts during your experiments at SINQ are mentioned as co-authors in any publication that results from data obtained at SINQ. In addition a certain acknowledgement statement is required from the PSI directorate to ensure the finding of the papers in bibliographic databases, see below.

All SINQ publications

All publications based on SINQ data should contain the following text part:

'This work is based on experiments performed at the Swiss spallation neutron source SINQ, Paul Scherrer Institute, Villigen, Switzerland.'

SINQ publications based on NMI3 (EU) funded experiments

Due to the EU funding guidelines additionally to the above sentence those papers that are based on results obtained from an experiment that was funded within th EU NMI3 access program must contain the following sentence:

'This research project has been supported by the European Commission under the 7th Framework Programme through the 'Research Infrastructures' action of the 'Capacities' Programme, NMI3-II Grant number 283883'.

References for SINQ and its instruments