Proposal Submission Deadlines

The table below lists the periodical deadlines over the year.
Instruments/Beamlines Proposal Deadlines More Information
all beamlines,
except PX-I,-II,-III
Mar 15, Sep 15 SLS call periods
PX beamlines April 15, Oct 15 SLS call periods
ARAMIS-Alvra, ARAMIS-Bernina Sep 15 (not yet confirmed) more information
all beamlines Feb 20 SINQ - call for proposals
joint X+n powder diffraction Feb 28 X+n powder diffraction call
DOLLY, GPD, GPS, HAL-9500, LEM and LTF Feb 28 SµS call for proposals
GPD, GPS, LTF, HAL-9500, LEM not yet determined SµS call for proposals
Particle Physics
all Jan 15 Particle Physics call for proposals incl UCN

This information might be useful in particular for new users not familiar with the proposal workflow at PSI.