3-D films

The Paul Scherrer Institute has developed three exclusive 3-D films. Each of the animated films lasts about 10 minutes and they are shown during the opening hours of the psi forum.

The Universe and Back Again

This story shows the new large research facility, the Swiss X-Ray Free-Electron Laser SwissFEL. News of the outstanding properties of this research instrument has spread far afield.
Aliens from a planet in a distant galaxy have also heard of SwissFEL. They face a serious problem: their air is highly contaminated, soon life will no longer be possible. SwissFEL could help to throw light on the decisive chemical reaction and save their planet. In this mission, aliens travel to the Paul Scherrer Institute.
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Around the World in 80 Million Years

The film illustrates the carbon cycle, one of the most important natural cycles on our earth. However, humans intervene in this cycle and contribute to climate warming with the combustion of oil, gas and coal. This thrilling story aims to encourage discussion about climate change.
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Journey to the Heart of Matter

Get to know elementary particles after the Big Bang and accompany them through our accelerator facility. At almost the speed of light, the protons crash into a lead target in the SINQ and release neutrons there. They act as probes to examine the smallest structures of matter.
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