Getting started with data analysis

Getting started with data analysis is a two-steps procedure

1. Setting up an account

Internal PSI users

People with a PSI account can just use this account to access the resources to which they are authorized, and access data provided they are a member of a corresponding p-group. People are assigned to p-groups via an interface currently only available to beamline managers, so contact your beamline manager for this.

External users (non PSI employees)

External users have to request for a personal external PSI Account. To request such an account you should send an email with the following information:
  • Your full name, with last name in uppercase
  • The name of your institution
  • Your duo_account username (for beamline users only)
  • Your email address (preferably business email)
  • Your mobile telephone number (this will be used by our IT department to send you the password for your external PSI_account )
to your PSI contact person (e.g. beamline manager for SLS)

To test that your account is enabled and your password works, login to machine (where you may also change the password, if needed).

2. Set up remote access software

Follow the description how to get remote interactive access . This step is not needed if only data transfer service is used.