In-situ neutron diffraction of engineering materials

Neutron diffraction is particulary well suited for the study of deformation mechanisms in engineering materials. In single phase materials the behavior of the different grain families give insight in the complex interplay between elastic and plastic anisotropy. In multiphase materials the load transfer between the phases is of particular importance. Other interesting applications include the study of the kinetics of phase transformations and the development of intra-granular strain during plastic deformation.

Uniaxial deformation is the most widely used mechanical test procedure for metals. For this purpose at POLDI there is a 30kN deformation rig which can be used for tensile/compression/low cycle fatigue experiments.

Many applications of metals involve complex strain paths, calling for devices that can apply multiaxial loading conditions. At POLDI a new multi-axial deformation rig (Zwick Roell) has been recently installed. It allows performing in-situ in-plane biaxial loading along two orthogonal axes or combining uni-axial tensile/compressive deformation with torsion.


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