Additive Manufacturing and Metallic Microstructures (AM3)

The aim of the AM3 challenge is to address the fundamental materials science problems that underlie the transition from traditional manufacturing techniques to additive manufacturing (AM), with a specific focus on metallic alloys, and the relation between process, microstructure and properties. The project covers multiple aspects of the materials science of metals parts produced in strongly out-of-equilibrium conditions. The project combines the expertise of four academic partners at EPFL, EMPA and PSI.

At PSI, PhD student Mr. Samy Hocine and post-doc Dr. Tuerdi Maimaitiyili Tuerdi will use existing fast cooling devices at the Swiss Light Source allowing following the microstructure (precipitation and phase formation) as function of cooling rates as illustrated in the figure below.

The project uses in-situ fast cooling device available at the TOMCAT beamline but aims at developing a new device allowing to study the role of some process SLM parameters known to have an impact on the developing microstructure.

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Academic partners
Prof. Dr. H. Van Swygenhoven (PEM-PSI/NXMM-EPFL)
Prof. Dr. M. Ceriotti (COSMOS-EPFL)
Prof. Dr. R. Loge (LMTM-EPFL)
Dr. Ch. Leinenbach (EMPA)

Industrial partners
GE, Oerlikon Metco, Heraeus, Swatch, Rolex, Audemars Piguet, Patek Philippe, Varinor-Richemont

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