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30. September 2015

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Perfect beamlines go unnoticed

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Interview with Luc Patthey
Luc Patthey is in charge of designing and implementing the beamlines for the X-ray free-electron laser SwissFEL. In this Interview, he explains the requirements the beamlines need to meet for the X-ray light pulses generated by SwissFEL to reach the experiments in an optimal form and what role collaborations play in the development of beamlines.

6. March 2013


The advantages of SwissFEL: Why a laser?

SwissFEL Background

SwissFEL will produce very short, intense pulses of X-ray light with laser-like characteristics. These characteristics will make it possible to elucidate the exact structure of molecules, for which only a fuzzy picture, at best, can be obtained using "normal" light.

29. January 2013


SwissFEL – The facility

SwissFEL Background SwissFEL SwissFEL Technology

Inside the SwissFEL, electrons will be accelerated to almost the speed of light, then forced along a curved pathway by very powerful magnets, emitting X-ray light as they travel. SwissFEL is thus composed of an ‘electron gun’ (which generates the electron beam), an accelerator, and an undulator in which the electrons are guided along a wave-like path. An experimental area lies at the end of this track, where the light produced will be used to perform experiments.