Media Releases 2007

9. November 2007

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Forschung ist weiblich

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5. Nationaler Tochtertag am Paul Scherrer Institut. Die Schweiz braucht einen starken Nachwuchs, will das Land in der Forschung und Entwicklung an der Spitze bleiben. Das Paul Scherrer Institut (PSI) nutzte Tochtertag, um den weiblichen Nachwuchs in der Forschung zu fördern. Das Interesse war gross.

28. October 2007

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Grosses Interesse am Tag der Neutronen des PSI

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Das Publikum war beeindruckt von den winzigen Teilchen. Am Sonntag strömten rund 3500 Besucherinnen und Besucher ans Paul Scherrer Institut (PSI) in Villigen. Das interessierte Publikum erhielt dieses Jahr Einblick in die vielfältige Forschung mit Neutronen.
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5. October 2007

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Important protein structure determined

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CAP-Gly domains control fundamental cellular processes

25. September 2007

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Year round proton radiation therapy at PSI using a new, dedicated cyclotron

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A pioneer in proton therapy for the treatment of cancer, PSI has recently introduced one of the most advanced technologies in the field. A new proton accelerator, a superconducting cyclotron, has been put into operation for patient treatment. The accelerator is used in conjunction with a gantry, a device which delivers the protons to the patient from any angle. The desired dose distribution is achieved by scanning a small pencil beam of protons throughout the tumor. The performance of the new accelerator has been excellent since the start of medical operation.

28. August 2007

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New Interim Director at PSI

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Leadership change at national research institute. From the 1st September Martin Jermann will take over as Acting Director of the Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI) until a permanent replacement is found. For years Head of Staff and a vice director of PSI, Jermann (59), an ETH physicist will continue to implement PSI's strategy and ensure that goals set in current and planned research projects are reached.

9. May 2007

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Important protein-folding problem solved

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Coiled coils comprise two to five polypeptide chain helices that wrap around each other to form a supercoiled protein structure.

18. January 2007

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Key proteins illuminated by SLS

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How cells regulate nitrogen uptake can be better understood.